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Why choose gas modular furnace? How much is gas modular furnace?

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Why choose gas modular furnace? How much is gas modular furnace?

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In winter heating and some industrial production activities, boilers are needed for heating or power supply. There are many types of boilers. Generally, boilers are cylindrical, vertical or horizontal, which are very common in old-fashioned boiler rooms. In some new boiler rooms, gas modular furnace is more and more well known and accepted by people. Why choose the gas module furnace? Next, we will find out:

Gas modular furnaces are generally small in size, and several or more are used in parallel. They are widely used in some small areas. At present, many residential areas, especially some commercial places, need to use boiler heating, gas modular furnace is the first choice, so why choose gas modular furnace? Gas modular furnace is a way of centralized control of several small-power boilers, using some more advanced and intelligent control systems to ensure that the overall output of the boiler to meet the heating needs.

Taking Horsman gas modular furnace as an example, the boiler is opened 24 hours. The output load of the boiler changes at any time according to the heating demand. Although the boiler runs 24 hours, the gas modular furnace is more energy-saving than the frequent start-up and shutdown of the boiler because of its high thermal efficiency. The advantage of gas modular furnace is its small size, and the boiler emission of boiler room can be easily planned, which needs very little place, so it is a good choice to use gas modular furnace in some small heating areas. Gas module stove, I want Horsman!

How much is the gas modular furnace?

Customers are often heard to mention this issue. In fact, the question of how much the gas modular furnace costs is really hard to answer. Why? Buying gas modular furnaces is not only a product, but also a hot water supply system or a heating system, even the integration of hot water supply system and heating system. Since the system is not only a mainframe, but also includes pipelines, pumps, water tanks, expansion tanks, gas supply, system design and so on. The price of each part of the supporting equipment is not the same according to the actual installation situation and requirements of each customer.

For example, the length of pipeline, pump head, storage tank capacity and so on. Therefore, the cost of gas modular furnace is affected by customer requirements and site installation conditions and other factors, and specific quotations should be made.

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