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How to Select Gas Modular Furnace

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How to Select Gas Modular Furnace

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Nowadays, with the development of society, the state pays great attention to the energy-saving and environmental protection transformation. The old coal-fired boilers are being reformed and rebuilt in various places, which promotes the development and progress of the whole gas-fired boilers. The gas module boilers are used quite a lot in other countries, and have been slowly implemented in our country.


What is a gas module boiler?

Horsman gas modular boiler is a modular boiler, which is controlled by several boilers. According to the set heating temperature curve and other related parameters, and referring to the outdoor temperature intelligent automatic judgment of the number of boilers to start and stop, it can automatically realize the near unattended mode. Modular combined hot water boiler has the advantages of high efficiency, durability, reliability, easy installation, flexibility, low operating cost, easy maintenance and operation, good environmental protection effect, no pollution, no noise and so on.

Because of the high quality requirements of commercial boilers, it is necessary to select products produced by enterprises that have passed ISO 9001 certification and ISO 14001 certification, so as to maximize the quality of boilers. Therefore, when purchasing commercial gas module boilers, it should be combined with heating area, using area and space closure.

Pay attention to combustion efficiency

Because commercial gas module boilers need uninterrupted water supply, heating and all-weather operation, we must first pay attention to thermal efficiency when selecting and purchasing such boilers. We should pay attention to whether the combustion equipment of frequency conversion fan has been optimized or not, and try our best to select AC frequency fan monitored by micro-computer. In this way, the speed of fan can be adjusted according to the consumption of combustion gas, and the maximum combustion efficiency can be guaranteed.

Pay attention to the quality of circulating water pump

Circulating water pump is one of the most easily damaged parts in the whole gas module boiler, so when choosing and purchasing gas module boiler with good quality, we should pay attention to the quality of circulating water pump, choose high temperature resistant water pump, and pay attention to the noise problem of water pump, which has low noise and small vibration, and usually has long service life of boiler.

Pay attention to security devices

When selecting and purchasing gas module boilers with good quality, safety protection should not be neglected, such as whether there are gas double-cut-off solenoid valves to avoid gas leakage accidents caused by the failure of solenoid valves.


Pay attention to whether there is anti-jamming function

Based on the particularity of commercial gas module boilers, attention should be paid to whether the boilers have anti-jamming function, which is not only related to the service life of the boilers, but also related to the stability of the equipment, which can not be ignored.

In addition to the four points mentioned above, in order to purchase modular boilers with the highest performance-price ratio, we should also pay attention to water circulation mode, energy efficiency, heating temperature range and other issues. The price of commercial modular boilers is slightly higher than that of ordinary boilers, but they have many functions. If we pay more attention to the purchase, we can make the equipment serve our life.

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