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Gas wall-mounted furnace manufacturers tell you three practical skills, energy-saving and safe heating

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Gas wall-mounted furnace manufacturers tell you three practical skills, energy-saving and safe heating

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The cold winter has arrived, and most parts of the north are heating. Households equipped with gas wall-hanging stoves will also turn on the heating mode. So what are the practical skills of gas wall-hanging stove heating? In order to let you and your family spend a warm and comfortable winter, today Horsman Heating Editor teaches you three skills to use wall-hanging stove, help you ignite a fire in winter, heating energy-saving and safe.

Tip 1: Accurate Winter Mode Setting

Open Winter Mode

Gas wall-mounted stove can only start heating function in winter mode, so the first step of winter heating is to set the wall-mounted stove in winter mode.

Setting temperature

In winter mode, wall-mounted stoves can provide domestic hot water and heating. But after starting the winter mode, you also need to set the appropriate temperature: if the water temperature of the floor heating should not exceed 60 degrees, the water temperature of the heating sheet should not exceed 70 degrees. Users with wall-mounted furnace temperature controllers are more convenient. How many degrees of room temperature they need can be set precisely through the temperature controllers.

Tip 2: Easy handling of "Ignition Failure"

When the wall-mounted furnace fails to ignite, the corresponding fault code will be displayed on the screen, such as the ignition fault code of Hossman wall-mounted furnace is E1.

When the ignition fails, we can close the wall-mounted furnace first, check whether there is gas supply or whether the valve of gas pipeline has been opened, re-connect the power supply and restart the wall-mounted furnace under the condition of normal gas supply.

Usually, the problem of ignition failure can be solved only by following the above operation, but if the problem can not be solved after the above operation, please contact the relevant professionals.

Skills 3: Controlling Water Pressure Stabilization for a Winter

1. Check the water pressure gauge, if the pressure is less than 0.5 Bar, open the water supply valve, and close the water supply valve after filling the heating system to 1-1.5 Bar; (Ensure that the water supply valve is closed, otherwise when the water pressure reaches 3 Bar, the wall-mounted furnace safety valve will automatically relieve pressure, which may cause flooding of the house)

2. If the water pressure drop occurs frequently in the heating system, please check whether there are any leakage points in the whole room. (In the early days of the new water injection heating system, the pressure drop due to the escape of air requires multiple water replenishment as a normal phenomenon.)

Additional: energy saving tips

1. Attention should be paid to heat preservation for the house: if the house is not well insulated, indoor heat will be lost to the outdoor through heat convection, and outdoor cold air will flow into the indoor, which makes the wall-hanging furnace continuously run and heat, and the gas consumption will naturally be large. Horsman Editor reminds users to close all doors and windows before going out, and pull all curtains to keep the house warm.

2. Installation of wall-mounted furnace temperature controller: Some household heating users do not install wall-mounted furnace temperature controller, using heating water collector for temperature control, although this can also control indoor temperature, but there is no energy-saving temperature controller, so it is recommended that users install wall-mounted furnace temperature controller, which not only makes heating more comfortable and convenient, but also safer and energy-saving. According to statistics, the use of wall-mounted furnace temperature controller can save 20-28% of the gas, but also more personalized temperature regulation and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

3. Don't start and stop the wall-hanging furnace frequently: when the wall-hanging furnace is started, the gas consumption is large, and if the number of start-ups is large, the consumption will be natural. It is suggested to minimize the number of start-ups when using. When no one is at home, the wall-mounted stove can be set to low temperature operation state, and then to the required temperature after returning home.

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