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Snow cooling, gas wall-mounted furnace water injection, water supply, anti-freezing operation to know

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Snow cooling, gas wall-mounted furnace water injection, water supply, anti-freezing operation to know

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The normal operation of wall-mounted furnaces requires gas and electric drive, as well as water circulation for heating. If the wall-hanging furnace wants to run, the boiler, the pipeline and the whole heating system should be filled with water, and the water pressure should be maintained in the range of 1 bar to 1.5 bar.

When wall-mounted furnace is used, slight change of water pressure is a normal phenomenon. Because there will be some air in the heating system waterway, the water will also contain air. When the wall-mounted furnace is running, the air in the system will be continuously discharged from the exhaust valve and the water pressure will decrease. Secondly, when the heating is running, the temperature of the heating water will rise, and the water pressure will rise due to the relationship between thermal expansion and cold contraction.

As long as the water pressure of the wall-hanging furnace is kept between 1bar and 1.5bar, it will not affect the normal use of the wall-hanging furnace. If the water pressure is too low, the wall-mounted furnace may not start; if the water pressure is too high, it may increase the wear degree of the pump.

How to water the wall-hanging stove?

In order for the wall-hanging furnace to operate normally, it is necessary to fill the wall-hanging furnace and heating system with water. When the water pressure is less than 1 bar, water replenishment operation is needed. How should the gas wall-mounted furnace inject water?

Open the automatic exhaust valve on the circulating pump and the exhaust valve on the end equipment of the heating system before water injection.

The counter-clockwise rotating water injection/replenishment valve is about one circle to inject water into the system pipeline.

Observe the water pressure meter on the operation panel and stop the water injection when the pointer is between 1 bar and 1.5 bar (0.1 MPa to 0.15 MPa).

After booting, enter heating mode to check whether the wall-hanging furnace is running normally.

During the first water injection, because the air in the system can not be exhausted at one time, when running the pump, residual air will enter the water pressure detection system along with the flow of water. When the water shortage protection is started and the error code is reported, only the water pressure of the system needs to be compensated between 1bar and 1.5bar. Manual reset or reboot can be repeated start-up, repeated operation, until the stable operation of the system.

How to replenish water for wall-hanging stove?

Gas wall-mounted stove is equipped with manual water injection/water supply valve. The switch button is usually located at the bottom. When the pressure of heating system drops below 1bar due to the evaporation of gas in water, the user should open the valve slowly to pressurize the system until the system pressure restores to the prescribed water pressure. Generally, the system should keep about 1bar at static room temperature. The water pressure should be maintained between 1 bar and 1.5 bar during the operation. Do not leave the site during the water replenishment process.

Check whether there is a leak in the heating system and make sure that the system is completely closed.

Turn off the gas wall-mounted furnace and cut off the total power supply of the gas wall-mounted furnace.

Clockwise tightening of water injection/replenishment valve for about a week;

Observe the water pressure gauge on the operation panel. When the water pressure gauge pointer is between 1bar and 1.5bar, the water injection/supplement valve handle should be rotated clockwise to close the water injection/supplement valve. After the completion of the water supplement, the water injection/supplement valve must be closed tightly, otherwise the gas wall hanging furnace will overpressure overflow. If the water pressure in the heating system is recharged to about 3bar carelessly, the pressure relief operation is needed.

Start-up operation of gas wall-mounted furnace.

How to prevent the wall-hanging furnace from freezing?

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