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Installation Procedures of Commercial Wall-hanging Furnace

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Installation Procedures of Commercial Wall-hanging Furnace

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1. Firstly, the owner should determine the installation location, then mark it with pen, drill holes with percussion drill and install expansion bolts to fix the wall hanging furnace. Some owners don't like to drill holes in the walls and break them. They can also tie boilers to fixtures with thin wires to make them firm.

2. Take out the outlet pipe, tighten and fix it, then fill the container with water.

3. Connect the power supply fire wire, zero wire and ground wire accurately, and use 16A plug and socket connection mode;

4. Inspect the hydroelectric links, see whether the water seeps out, see if there is electricity leakage, if they are all normal, then you can try it on.

 Wholesale of Integrated Modular Furnace

5. Get ready to install the necessary tools: electric drill, cross screw pen, a square plastic template. Fix the square plastic template on the wall first, adjust the height according to the space of the family. When fixed, fix it with the screw equipped by the original factory. Lastly, fix it by drilling two holes with an electric drill. If it is instant kitchen treasure, its power is generally less than 4000W, can be installed in the kitchen sink below or above the good water pipes and lines, with a splash-proof socket.

6. Grounding wire is a very important step, and it is also a protective wall for shower safety. See if there is a grounding connection at home, and some are directly grounded. If there is no ground wire on the first floor, hit a line directly outside the window and hit the depth below 1.5 meters. For use above the second floor, a hole is directly punched in the wall on the back of the wall hanging stove, a nail is tied to the hole, and then water is poured into the hole.

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