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Gourmet food is critical of fire candidates and good gas stoves can make every kind of fire just right.

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Gourmet food is critical of fire candidates and good gas stoves can make every kind of fire just right.

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Some people say that cooking gourmet food must select good ingredients, so as to restore the most authentic taste. Some people say that good cooking skills are the first prerequisite for good cooking, otherwise delicate ingredients are wasted. Others say that cooking is not enough, tableware to gather together, practical tableware is a major achievement of gourmet utensils. Gas wall hanging furnace flue pipe manufacturer

However, what makes housewives extremely distressed is that they use abundant and delicate ingredients, and their cooking skills have passed the test. The dishes are also very high-end, but they still can not cook delicious food with all colors, flavors and flavors. The dishes that come out of the pot are either "not good to see" or "not good to smell", so that they become an embarrassing situation of "tasteless food, a pity to abandon".

In fact, food itself is a collection of all kinds of nitpicking in one existence, not only in the food, cooking and tableware requirements, but also quite nitpicking fire, different dishes pay attention to different fire, such as stewed beef, to use small fire, let the heat slowly infiltrate into the food, to achieve the effect of soft rotten inside and outside. Frying and frying food, using medium fire, frying until crisp, not only can protect the nutrition of raw materials, but also can better hang paste. Stir-frying, steaming and steaming can be done quickly with high heat, otherwise it will cause too much water and chewing. Even with the same dish, you need to experience countless kinds of heat to make a delicious pot. For example, the key to simmering the soup is "boiling in a big fire, simmering slowly in a small fire", so as to ensure the original flavor. It can be seen that the fire is a necessary element in cooking. If the fire is not grasped properly, it will not only affect the taste, but also affect nutrition.

If you want to adjust all kinds of fires, you have to have cookers that can play with all kinds of fires. Traditional gas cookers can adjust four kinds of fires at most, vibrant fire, medium fire, small fire and gentle fire. Obviously, they can not meet the various cooking needs of families. JACB can easily cover all seven sections of fire. When cooking, you only need to select fire power, you can easily make all kinds of delicacies.

Seven Fires Easy to Control Cooking

There are many kinds of ingredients for dishes, such as tender old dishes, soft dishes and hard dishes. The calories needed for ripening vary greatly. When stir-frying, the fire is not strong enough, which will make the dishes soft and reduce the taste. When stewing, the small fire is not small enough and unstable enough, and the cooking will be unsatisfactory. A good gas stove should not only accurately control the size of the fire, but also ensure the stability of the fire. JACB of Fangtaijihuo direct injection gas stove, through the technology of direct injection of extreme fire, has achieved a breakthrough in the overall coverage of seven fires, and can adjust 25 different fires at the same time. For frying, fast frying, frying, cooking, slow stewing, soup boiling, heat preservation and so on, we have the most suitable temperature control gear, which can achieve 4200W to 200W power within the full range of fire adjustment, so that "big fire is strong enough, small fire is small enough".

JACB adopts honeycomb dense cluster direct injection technology, which redefines the width and combustion efficiency of the gas stove, so that the extreme fire can no longer stop in imagination. The honeycomb type dense cluster core is made of nickel-chromium alloy mesh, which is thin and has good toughness. The air ejection resistance can be reduced by more than 45%, the intake smoothness can be improved, the secondary air supplement can be reduced, and the mixture of gas and air is faster and the firepower is stronger. In a closed environment, a dense cluster of cores is formed in the high-density fire outlets, thus eliminating the phenomenon of "fire fighting". With less heat loss, the effective firepower is increased by 25% compared with ordinary gas stoves, and the combustion of gas is more sufficient, and the generation of exhaust gas is less.

Synchronized Fire Adjustment Makes Delicious

People who cook regularly should know that many delicacies have almost reached a critical point in terms of fire conditions, such as fried fish.

It is a kind of difficult technical work. Many people fry fish either with broken skin or sticky pan. The main reason is that the fire is not well controlled. Because frying fish requires not only small fire, but also even heating, so that the fish can be crisp and fragrant. JACB of Fangtaiji Fire Direct Injection Gas Cooker has the "Synchronized Fire" regulation, which is the pioneer of the industry. On the basis of retaining the "seven-stage firepower" conventional fire regulation, the synchronous fire can realize the gradual and synchronous changes of the outer and inner firepower, thus adding a more delicate firepower regulation to the gas cooker. The precise power of the outer ring fire and the inner ring fire can easily solve the problem of small firepower and uniform heating required by the family for some meticulous cooking.

Chinese food emphasizes "tender but not raw, thorough but not old, rotten but not melted". It is not difficult to achieve such a level. It is not difficult to have a good gas stove, so that each kind of fire is under control, and the delicious food can be enjoyed immediately.

Gas wall hanging furnace flue pipe manufacturer

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